Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question Google can’t solve? Check out the most commonly asked Prairie Grazer questions below.


How do I place an order?

Right on our website!

Add the products you would like to order to your shopping cart, and follow the on-screen instructions.

For orders over 10 boxes or custom orders, send us an email and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

How does it work?

Head over to our shop page to browse our selection of grazing boxes.

We offer:

Artisan boxes in a variety of sizes
Brunch boxes in two different sizes
Candy boxes in a variety of sizes
Movie boxes
Custom theme boxes

Click on the box you would like to order and simply follow the instructions.

That’s it! You’re now one step closer to snacking.

What size should I order?

Artisan Boxes
Individual artisan box serves 1
Small artisan box serves 2-4
Medium artisan box serves 6-8
Large artisan box serves 8-12

Brunch Boxes
Medium brunch box serves 4-6
Large brunch box serves 6+

Candy Boxes
Individual candy box serves 1
Small candy box serves 2-4
Small fireside s’more box serves 1-2
Large fireside s’more box serves 4-6

Movie Boxes
Movie box serves 2

How far in advance do I need to order?

24 hours but we will have the same day pick up when the store opens. Call the store to inquire about grab and go options! We can likely make it happen!

What are your delivery/pickup options?

We offer both delivery and pickup options.


Pickup is only available on certain days of the week. Below is a list of pickup options available.

Tuesday - Friday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am- 2:00 pm

All pickups are from our location at:
Unit 5 - 3801 Millar Ave
Saskatoon, SK

Your grazing box is best enjoyed the day that you pick it up. Please store your grazing box(es) on the bottom shelf of your fridge until you are ready to enjoy, to ensure maximum freshness!


Delivery fees:
Saskatoon - $12.00
Martensville - $15.00
Warman - $20.00

Delivery takes place Tuesday – Friday between 10 am – 12 pm.

Please note: Your grazing box(es) cannot be left outside and must be given directly to the recipient. Boxes cannot be left unrefrigerated for more than two hours as per Saskatchewan Health Regulations. If our team is unable to complete the delivery, your box(es) will be returned and kept refrigerated until the recipient is able to arrange for pickup.

Your grazing box is best enjoyed the day that you pick it up. Please store your grazing box(es) on the bottom shelf of your fridge until you are ready to enjoy, to ensure maximum freshness!

Please ensure the recipient, if it isn't you, knows that something will be delivered during this time.

When will I receive my order?

You will receive your order on the day of your choosing. Select your preferred date for pickup or delivery at checkout.

How much are the boxes?

Our boxes vary in price depending on the type and size. Our prices start at $15 plus tax.

For custom orders please contact us.

How do I pay?

You can pay for your box securely online by credit card or with a gift card.

Are there special care instructions for my box?

Boxes should be stored in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy them.

How long will my box last?

Boxes are best enjoyed the day they are picked up. They will be safe to eat if refrigerated, but we always recommend enjoying the day of pickup. At most we recommend eating within 48 hours (refrigerated) in order to ensure maximum freshness.

I have a gift card issued before November. Can I still use it?

If you have a gift card issued before Nov. 3rd, 2021, please email us directly at

Our Boxes

Can I customize my box?

The short answer is, yes!

Have an idea for a box that’s not listed? Send us an email with your ideas and we’d be happy to create something custom for you!

What's included in my box?

All artisan boxes feature meat and cheese, crackers, artisan bread, honey, jelly, mustard, hummus, pickles, olives, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and sweet treats. Our deluxe versions feature extra meat and cheese, skewers and macarons!

Products and skewers may vary from week to week as we like to change things up to keep things interesting.

All brunch boxes feature an assortment of meat, cheese, fruit and preserves as well as locally baked goods!

All candy boxes feature an assortment of sweet treats perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or gifts for the candy lovers in your life!

All movie boxes feature an assortment of sweet and salty treats perfect for a movie night in!

What is the difference between regular and deluxe boxes?

Our deluxe boxes contain added meat, meat and cheese skewers and mini macarons.

What does the "Add Meat" option include?

"Add Meat" provides additional local meat which may include Pine View Farms Smoked Chicken or Beef protein sticks, Bison Ridge Jerky, Meat Chops snacks, Pig & Pantry sausage and more!.

How many skewers/macarons come with each size of deluxe box? What is I choose the "extra" option?

1 Grazer Deluxe Box
1 Macaron and 1 Skewer, no option for extra skewers & macarons

2-4 Grazer Deluxe Box
2 Macarons and 2 Skewers, with the Extra Skewers and Macarons option: 4 Macarons and 4 Skewers

6-8 Grazer Deluxe Box
6 Macarons and 6 Skewers, with the Extra Skewers and Macarons option: 8 Macarons and 8 Skewers

8-12 Grazer Deluxe Box
8 Macarons and 8 Skewers, with the Extra Skewers and Macarons option: 12 Macarons and 12 Skewers

Do you offer gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian etc. options?

We do our best to meet any dietary restrictions or special requests.
When ordering you can select if you would like your box to be:


If you have any special requests that aren’t listed above, you can add them to your order by adding them to the comments box on the cart page.

What if I have a food allergy?

We do our best to work with all dietary restrictions and allergies, however, our kitchen is not free of allergens and we source products from a variety of businesses. While we do our best to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that our products are 100% safe for those with serious allergies or sensitivities.

What common food allergens do your artisan boxes contain?

Your box may contain wheat, dairy, soy, egg, tree nuts and peanuts. Our boxes do not contain fish or shellfish. For any specific dietary restrictions, please leave us a note.

Events & Workshops

Do you cater events?

We have a number of options perfect for get-togethers and meetings of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a meal, The Prairie Grazer has you covered!

Contact us for more information.

What are your workshops?

The Prairie Grazer hosts immersive workshops featuring friends, wine, and charcuterie, of course!

Plan one of our make and take charcuterie classes for your group event. Classes take place at The Prairie Grazer and you will make a complete charcuterie board.

The cost for our workshops is $85/pp plus tax which includes everything you need to make a box for 2-4 people plus extras! The minimum group booking is 8 people and the maximum group booking is 12 people.

Booking a Workshop

To book a workshop, we require a 25% deposit to secure your date, which will be deducted from the balance owing on your event. Contact us by email to book your workshop today!

More questions?

Can’t find the answer you need? We’re here to help! Send us an email at and we’d be happy to answer it for you.