Tropical Heat Box

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Celebrate your special occasion with a specialty version of our most popular box, the Artisan Box Deluxe! This box comes packed with heat as well as tasty specialty items to make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation!
Specialty items include:
- Hot honey jalapeño mustard
- Jalapeño Jelly
- Spicy turkey jerky
- Chili mango
- Dried tropical fruit
- Peppadew peppers
- Hot banana chips
- Chili chocolate
- Jalapeño cheese
- Jalapeño Twigz
- Sweet heat snack mix
- Chili lime pistachios
- Strawberry margarita chocolate balls

Plus your favourite traditions from our artisan boxes!

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What's in your box

We strive to provide a top quality product and support local, wherever possible. Everything in your box is certified fresh, sourced from the highest quality ingredients, and supports our vibrant community.

*Products and skewers may vary from week to week depending on availability.